The Detailed Content of Coal Dust Briquette Machine

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          Today I would like to talk about the principles of coal dust briquette machine, and let you further understand the pulverized coal molding machine. The coal dust briquette machine is a kind of molding equipment that compresses the pulverized coal into a cylindrical or plum shape with a certain strength by means of screw extrusion principle.


          Pulverized coal bar making machine, also called coal dust briquette machine, is another molding equipment in the charcoal machine. The coal dust briquette machine uses the screw extrusion principle to compress the modulated pulverized coal into a cylindrical or plum shaped molding device with a certain intensity. It will fuel coal powder extruded into a certain strength of the coal rod (according to the requirements of a variety of shapes, used to replace coal) into new combustion technology in gas making furnace. It can make full use of pulverized coal and reduce fuel cost. The coal dust briquette machine adopts variable pitch impeller to push forward the pulverized coal strength of the rear part of the cylinder, and the pulverized coal is squeezed through the round hole of the front head to form coal rods. The shape of the round holes is varied, and the shapes of the coal rods are varied. The coal rod is broken by gravity in the course of progress.


         The coal dust briquette machine adopts a hard tooth reducer, which is small in volume and high in bearing capacity. The impeller in the coal dust briquette machine is designed with thickened blades. The impeller and liner are made of wear resistant investment casting material, and the service life is 4-5 times higher than that of the common material. The coal bar export at the head of the machine is made of replaceable wear-resistant alloy steel, and the replacement is convenient. The head and cylinder are hinged, which can be opened when overhauling, and it is very convenient to replace the internal impeller and cylinder liner. It is mainly in the small coal slime or powder after second times rods made coal rod forming machine, our factory is mainly coal or coal after extrusion, and do not need to add any additives. If you want to further understand the knowledge about the coal dust briquette machine, please contact us.

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