The Detailed Product Introduction Of Coconut shell charcoal machine

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           Product description of coconut shell charcoal machine:In early decades years,  this coconut shell charcoal machine mainly used in small coal plant to produce honeycomb coal for countryside cooking and heating, it features a single. Recently years, with the development of barbecue food and technique innovation, different shapes can be satisfied, so it becomes multifunctional, finished briquettes 0f coconut shell charcoal machine can be used as BBQ charcoal, cooking, heating, fuel, boiler, etc.Also the raw materials are diversified, coal powder, charcoal powder, carbon, carbon black powder, gypsum powder, sawdust,etc.This charcoal and coal briquette machine is our most professional machine, because we manufactured it when our factory found in 1980s, until now it has 30 years history.

Coconut shell charcoal machine

          The feature of coconut shell charcoal machine:This hydraulic type briquette machine includes four parts: briquette machine, PLC (electric control cabinet), hydraulic cylinder and outlet belt conveyor. On the basis of mechanical punching briquette machine and hydraulic tablet press machine, through two years intense research and countless experiment, we invent this hydraulic machine, which can make up for a lack of ordinary briquette machine. 

          (1) Coconut shell charcoal machine has larger pressure, also this pressure can be adjusted according to different raw material. For example, some customers want to get better quality barbecue charcoal (small density, strong, hard and not easy broken), so they adjust pressure large. 
          (2) Height of coconut shell charcoal machine become higher, this machine press 13cm height is no problem. 
          (3) Coconut shell charcoal machine is more convenient to maintain, because this machine no easy broken parts. 
          (4) Simple operation, it has automatic and manual operation two kinds, you need press button step by step.

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